Container Disposal is a specialist company who provide the safe removal and disposal of unwanted shipping containers from places of business, building sites, private homes and other sites across the UK.

Don't keep an unwanted shipping container onsite once its surplus to requirements. Shipping containers take up valuable space and are rather unsightly. As they age and degrade they corrode and leak substances.

They have the potential to attract unwanted pests and as they deteriorate will become more hazardous and expensive to remove and safely dispose through licensed commercial recycling channels.

Container Disposal is the UK’s number one organisation for arranging, orchestrating and completing safe container recycling in the UK.



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The team at Container Disposal can provide you a competitive quote for the safe disposal of your shipping container. An all-inclusive quote will include transport to site, loading of the shipping container, haulage back to the recycling centre and complete recycling to UK regulated waste regulations, all whilst using the most efficient and environmentally friendly haulage options to compete the task. The haulage equipment we have, enables us to safely lift and dispose of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. Our drivers and operatives are professionals, they are courteous and deliver the highest levels of customer care in client liaison whilst onsite. All drivers wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) and adhere to health and safety regulations. Based and operate throughout the UK and are genuinely here to help.



As part of the quote process, we request that you provide us as much information as to the location of the shipping container, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle can physically get into your site and operate there. Our vehicles are 15ft high (16ft for high cube container loaded) and 8 ft wide plus the lorry mirrors. It is essential we have clear access on and off site for the team and public safety.

We require to know the perceived integrity of the container, is the integrity good, or corroded and rotten, we have been known to cut up and remove containers in situ as they have been deemed too dangerous for lifting and road haulage. You are legally obliged to notify us if the container has been used for, or contains any hazardous goods such as paints, pressurised gasses, flammable, explosive or radioactive goods. Please note the lorry loading platform is circa 5ft off the ground so we require space around the container to lift onto the haulage vehicle.

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New one trip small shipping containers

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New one trip 20ft standard shipping containers

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New one trip 40ft Stardard Shipping Containers


We can simply transport your container with one of our many HIABs stationed around the UK. HIABs have their own cranes so can easily pick up and drop off your containers without needs to hire cranes for fork lifts. Get in touch for a transportation only quotation.


Kirri-Leigh D.
Dealing with these guys made it so easy for us to solve our very big container problem. Highly recommend a chat with them and to use them. Thank you!
Carla W.
Great company to work with, honest, reliable and efficient.
Goss B.
I found from the on-set Container Disposal were a very professional outfit to deal with. Every stage of our container disposal Mark coordinated it with military precision. Every action, proposal, and function was followed by an extremely polite, articulate and methodical email.I wish I had used them sooner, as the others were a nightmare!It was a pleasure dealing with them, & I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them.
Jim H.
The removal of the containers was accomplished, however the lorry driver arrived 15 mins or so late and instead of collecting one container at a time he brought a trailer and loaded both on the one trip. Whilst this saved time it meant I had to move my parked car to get the combined lorry and trailer out of the site entrance. Had I been advised of the change of plan I would have parked my car elsewhere.
Sarah C.
A pleasure to deal with and the whole exercise was hassle free with no hidden charges. A service I'd recommend if you have shipping containers to dispose of.
We had an old container at our yard that was a struggle to get removed. Called these guys up and they took care of everything quickly and with out any issues or drama. Highly recommended!
Julian R.
Our containers were old and very tired so needed removing and disposing of. Container-disposal responded the same day with a no nonsense quote. The whole process was easy and effortless. The containers were gone in less than 7 days from the original contact being made. A refreshing change to find a company that does what they say, when they say, how they say with no hidden extras! Highly recommended