You may have the need to dispose of a reefer or otherwise known as a refrigerated shipping container. This is often a very expensive task due to environmental legislation governing and disposing of waste through licensed commercial waste transfer stations.

Policy states when disposing of reefer shipping containers they are require to be stripped back and segregated into their individual material parts and recycled accordingly. To strip out and dispose of the insulation, the refrigerant gases in the cooling unit, before further stripping the unit back further and being able to dispose of the shipping container. Due to the extensive works involved, there is a lack of licensed waste transfer stations who take on such a task due to the effort involved, this all adds to the difficulty.

As a licensed waste transfer, disposing of your old unwanted reefer containers is something we specialise in, we can quote to collect your reefer and safely dispose of whilst directly helping you to get rid of this headache.

Container Disposal are experts in removing and disposing of unwanted reefer shipping containers and provide a national coverage with an excellent reputation to match. Our haulage drivers are specialists in removing unwanted reefer shipping containers from commercial properties by use of HIAB. They will safely lift the container from the ground and to secure it onto the lorry and take it to a specialist licensed waste transfer station that safely and securely dispose of reefer shipping containers for commercial recycling.

For a professional, simple convenient way to dispose of your unwanted shipping container, please do contact us for a competitive quote.