You’re about to move house, you’ve found your ideal home and are going through the conveyancing process. All appears fine apart from the old rusty shipping container that’s in the garden that the previous owners ought to have addressed years ago. You’ll want it gone, it’s an eyesore to say the least! Shipping containers corrode over a period of time and soon lose their appeal. They often become a home to undesirable pests and where not suitably positioned on blocks/raised from the ground, they too further corrode and pollute the soil. It can be surprising just how much extra space you can achieve by disposing of an unwanted shipping container from site.

Container Disposal are experts in removing and disposing of unwanted shipping containers and provide a national coverage with an excellent reputation to match. Our haulage drivers are specialists in removing unwanted shipping containers from both residential and commercial properties by use of HIAB to safely lift the container from the ground and onto the lorry. Our containers are then taken to a Licensed Waste Transfer Station for Commercial Recycling.

For a professional, simple convenient way to dispose of your unwanted shipping container, please do contact us for a competitive quote.