Shipping Containers from Schools

Shipping Containers from Schools

As a school, you have an substantial increase in Health & Safety concerns when planning any maintenance works, when compared to other commercial environments. You’re looking to dispose of an old rusty shipping container that has been sat there for far too long, the roof leaks and become end of life. Container Disposal are experts in orchestrating safe removal of old unwanted shipping containers from schools across the UK, with a 100% success record in safe, successful lifts of 10ft, 12ft, 20ft and 40ft containers from schools.

As part of the works, we work closely with the onsite caretaker, or the school’s representative to schedule a suitable attendance, which could be either during term time or in the school holidays. On the day the work site is cordoned off to children to be kept well back, whilst we complete a safe HIAB lift and the unwanted shipping container secured onto the trailer ahead of a controlled departure from site back onto the public highway.

During the lifespan of an onsite shipping container store at a school, the school often continue to grow, the addition of new classrooms and play areas and clear access to the container is often restricted, we are often required to navigate into tight areas to lift an old forgotten container. In some instances we’ve had to use two lorries, one nimble with an incredible turning circle to navigate across the school grounds and the second to take the containers to the waste transfer station. As we remove the old container we too remove any associated onsite health and safety hazards particularly to the school children, from rusty sharp edges that often form as the container corrodes and the metal blisters.

With complete documentation and audit trail supplied paperwork to include; Generic Method Statement, Risk Assessment, Waste Carrier Licensed by the Environment Agency and a waste transfer docket we supply you everything required to complete an audit trail process.

Container Disposal are experts in removing and disposing of unwanted shipping containers and provide a national coverage with an excellent reputation to match. Our haulage drivers are specialists in removing unwanted shipping containers from both residential and commercial properties by use of HIAB to safely lift the container from the ground and onto the lorry. Our containers are then taken to a licensed Waste Transfer Station for Commercial Recycling.

For a professional, simple convenient way to dispose of your unwanted shipping container, please do contact us via our website form or call 0800 009 6262 for a competitive quote.


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